Beliq - Belgian Artisanal Liqueurs

Speculoos Coffee Rum Martini

- 1 part Kahlua Coffee liqueur

- 1 part Beliq speculoos cookie liqueur

- add ice cubes

​​While beer may be Belgium's most famous alcoholic beverage, Belgium has over 500 years of history and expertise in distilling artisanal liqueurs.  

Beliq liqueurs are the result of this distilling expertise using only high quality, exceptional ingredients provided by nature.

Speculoos Cookie espresso Martini at Markt Restaurant:

- 2 parts vodka + 1 part Beliq speculooos + 1 part espresso  

Use it in cocktails with

- Baileys or Kahlua liqueurs

- Coffee / Espresso

- Milk

- Chocolate themed drinks

​- Coffee liqueur (mix 1:1)

- Rum or vanilla rum (mix 1:1)

- Tea (Speculoos Earl Grey Tea)

- Vodka / vanilla vodka (Speculoos martini)

- Smoothies

- Whipped cream

Speculoos Cookie Butter Tiramisu


- 1 1/2 oz Beliq Speculoos Cookie

- 1/2 oz hazelnut liqueur

- 1/4 oz chocolate liqueur

- 1/4 oz cream liqueur

- 1/4 vanilla vodka

- 1/4 milk


- Add all ingredients to shaker with ice

- Dip glass rim in crushed speculoos and chocolate paste

- Shake and pour in glass

- Finish with whipped cream

Speculoos cookie espresso martini cocktail recipe courtesy of BXL Cafe, NYC

Speculoos Cookie Martini

Here are a few of our favorite recipes. A great way to garnish a speculoos martini is to float a speculoos cookie or add crumbs of speculoos on top of the Martini

The ultimate dessert:

Cookie butter Speculoos Tiramisu.

Use Beliq Speculoos Cookie liqueur to soak the lady fingers (instead of espresso).

You can even use cookie butter folded into marscapone or replace the lady fingers with speculoos cookies. 

Cookies and Cream

Speculoos Cookie Baileys

- 2 parts Baileys cream liqueur

- 3 parts Beliq speculoos cookie liqueur

- add ice cubes

BELIQ Speculoos Martini

- 1 part vodka

- 2 parts Beliq speculoos cookie liqueur

BELIQ Speculoos Cookie: speculoos desserts and speculoos cocktails recipes

Beliq Speculoos - A Delicious Belgian Cookie Liqueur

Speculoos is a classic Belgian spiced cookie usually served with coffee, that is now available for the first time as a liqueur. Beliq Speculoos cookie has prominent notes of chocolate and caramel.

This is a real treat, perfect in cocktails, with coffee, poured on top of ice cream, pancakes, Belgian waffles. Or add it to your favorite dessert such as cupcakes, tiramisu and cakes.

Pour or drizzle it over desserts such as

- Belgian waffles

- Pancakes

- Ice cream

Add it to desserts such as:

​- Tiramisu

- Cupcakes

- Brownies

Speculoos Espresso Martini

How to create a simple and delicious Speculoos Espresso Martini. Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


- 2 parts (Vanilla) vodka

- 1 part Kahlua liqueur 

- 2 parts Beliq speculooos cookie liqueur

- 1 part Espresso coffee (cold)