Blood Orange Gin & Tonic

​​This Blood Orange Gin and Tonic is a vibrant, sweet/tart and citrusy cocktail made with award-winning ingredients. Fill a highball glass with ice. Add 1 part double gold Belgin fresh Hop gin which is an incredible smooth and floral gin. Then add 1 part Beliq blood orange liqueur, and 2 drops Regan's orange bitters. Top with an artisanal tonic water and gently stir. Garnish with a blood orange slice and serve.


- 1 part Beliq Blood Orange

- 1 part Gin (smooth gins work best such as Belgin fresh hop)

- 1 part tonic

- add two drops of Regan's orange bitters

Beliq Summer Bourbon
- 1 part Beliq Blood Orange
- 1 part Bourbon
- garnish with orange slices

All Natural

Certified Gluten Free

Blood Orange and Tequila Cocktails: Blood Orange Margarita

An unbeatable pairing, citrus and whiskey are the base of some of the best cocktails, including the Whiskey Sour and Brown Derby. Oranges and bourbon are a match made in heaven! This tart blend combines Beliq blood orange with bourbon & bitters for a red variant on the Manhattan or for an ultra-refreshing, vibrant bourbon cocktail.

Beliq Bloody Manhattan

- 1 part Beliq Blood Orange
- 2 parts Bourbon
- 2-3 drops of Angostura bitters
- orange slices & sprigs of mint, for garnish

Vampire's Blood cocktail 

- Just pour Beliq in skull glasses and add a splash of vodka for an extra kick.

Itsy Bitsy Bloody Spider

- 3 parts Beliq Blood Orange & 2 parts vodka & 3 drops Regan’s orange bitters

Beliq Blood Orange works well in beer cocktails, especially with white beer (Blue Moon / Hoegaarden) or can be served in a syringe with the beer.

Two Blood Orange vodka martini recipes:

- 3 parts Beliq Blood Orange

- 2 parts vodka


- 2 parts Beliq Blood Orange

​- 1 part vodka

Blood Orange vodka Martini Cocktails

Blood Orange Cosmopolitan

- Add ice to a glass

- 1 part Beliq Blood Orange

- 1 part Tonic

Blood Orange and Bourbon Cocktails

Blood Orange Cosmo recipe courtesy of BXL Cafe, NYC

​This is a gin cocktail with a vibrant color and a nice balance of fruitiness with gin flavors. It’s a bright mix of gin, blood orange liqueur with a touch of orange bitters.

​Blood Orange gin cocktail

- 2 parts Beliq Blood Orange

- 1 part gin

- 2 drops of orange bitters

Top with a blood orange slice

The Beliq Apéritif - A Festive Apéritif Champagne Cocktail


Blood Orange Tonic cocktails


- Citrus vodka

- Fresh lime

- Cointreau

- Beliq Blood orange liqueur

Beliq Blood Orange liqueur is the perfect sweet-tart combination with a stunning deep red color for a silky textured margarita.

This is a smooth and gorgeous and easy to drink margarita.

Blood Orange Margarita


- Coat the rim of a rocks glass with salt, fill with ice and set aside.
- Add the remaining ingredients to a shaker and fill with fresh ice.
- Shake, and strain into the prepared glass.
- Garnish with a blood orange slice.

Recipe with Triple sec:

- 3 parts Tequila

​- 2 parts Triple sec

- 2 parts Beliq Blood Orange

- 1 part fresh lime juice

Upgrade your cocktail by using a Blood Orange liqueur instead of an orange liqueur. Blood orange has a unique and bolder orange flavor profile which is excellent in cocktails.

The possibilities are endless. Beliq Blood Orange works excellent in a Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sidecar, Gin & Tonic, Tonic, Sangria & Mimosa. Enjoy!

We are having some fun with the ‘Blood’ theme to inspire tasty Halloween cocktails to shake up the night. This cocktail ideas with our Blood Orange liqueur will certainly raise the spirits at your Halloween monster mash. 

Blood Orange Spooky Halloween cocktails

​​While beer may be Belgium's most famous alcoholic beverage, Belgium has over 500 years of history and expertise in distilling artisanal liqueurs.   

Beliq liqueurs are the result of this distilling expertise using only high quality, exceptional ingredients provided by nature.

Blood Orange gin Cocktails

Blood Orange Cocktails

The primary reason to enjoy apéritifs is to stimulate the appetite, and anything dry or bitter qualifies in this category. A great apéritif stimulates the palate with a dry drink in anticipation of eating something refreshing. Champagne is a particularly good apéritif as it is dry and crisp. Add some Beliq to elevate it to the next level.

The Beliq Apéritif is easy to make:

- 1/3 Beliq Blood Orange

- 2/3 Champagne

​Decorate with a zest of orange

Beliq Blood Orange Liqueur

Crimson Mediterranean blood oranges with notes of raspberry and citrus, blended with the purest Belgian spring water are the secret to this ultra refined taste experience. A perfect balance of tart and sweet flavors reign supreme to other orange liqueurs.  

Beliq - Belgian Artisanal Liqueurs

Recipe without Triple Sec:

- 2 parts Tequila

- 2.5 parts Beliq Blood orange

​- 0.5 part fresh lime juice